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Narita Short Bus Excursion Sawara Course. April - September, 2020

Running on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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Basic rate

Cost per person 3,500(JPY) per person

Tour information

Departure date Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Except : Apr 1st-30th, May 5th, 7th, Jun 16th, Aug 11th, Sep 23rd)
Departure place Narita airport Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Narita Station
Number of travelling days 1
Transportation Bus
Minimum passenger count 1
Meals Lunch included
Tour escort English-Speaking Tour Assistant
Rental car
Other Operation time: 09:40-16:10


A short trip to experience history of Japan!
Fully enjoy the Japanese culture and bring back some souvenirs!


Time 09:40
Schedule Departure from Narita Airport Terminal 2 ⇒ Narita Airport Terminal 1

Boarding point: Narita Airport Terminal 2 International arrival lobby 1st Floor, Lane 2, Bus stop №28-C .
Time 09:50
Schedule Departure from Narita Airport Terminal 1 ⇒ JR Narita Station

Boarding point: Narita Airport Terminal 1 International arrival lobby 1st Floor, Lane 1, Bus stop №30.
Time 10:10
Schedule Departure from JR Narita station. Start of excursion.

Boarding point: JR Narita Station East exit Bus stop №1
Time 10:40-11:40
Schedule Stop at BOSO NO MURA

Boso no Mura is a unique museum that allows visitors to experience traditional lifestyle and crafts of Boso region.
The facility reproduces an Edo period village with a town square, traditional Japanese inns and various stores.
Festivals, performances of traditional entertainment and special exhibitions are occasionally held.

Wander into the world of Edo period!
Time 12:30-13:20

A unique roadside station dedicated to foods fermentation.
Kozaki is a town that has been actively producing sake, miso, and soy sauce since Edo period.
Inside, local specialties and a wide variety of fermented foods are collected from throughout Japan and available for sale.

Experience Japanese traditional fermented food culture! Enjoy fresh vegetables and fermented foods at the cafe and the restaurant inside!
Meals Lunchbox + self-made miso soup.
Time 13:50-14:50
Schedule Stop at Suigo Sawara Dashi Kaikan.

A facility that exhibits dashi floats of Sawara Grand Festival, a UNESCO cultural heritage.
Here on the main frame you can find four-five meter tall dolls depicting Japanese mythology or historical figures.
A film showing how the floats are being maneuvered on the day of the grand festival can be viewed at the theater room.

See the beautiful cultural heritage grand festival floats up front!
Time 15:30
Schedule Arrival at Narita Airport Terminal 2.

Drop off point: Narita Airport Terminal 2 International arrival lobby 1st Floor, Lane 2, Bus stop №28-C .
Time 15:40
Schedule Arrival at Narita Airport terminal 1.

Drop off point: Narita Airport Terminal 1 International arrival lobby 1st Floor, Lane 1, Bus stop No.30.
Time 16:00
Schedule Arrival at JR Narita Station.
Time 16:10
Schedule Arrival at Yoneya Tourist Center. End of excursion.

Basic rate

  • Departure date :

  • Amount of persons


Children (ages 0-5) may join for free but will not be getting a separate seat or meal.
However, in the following cases, the ticket for[Children] is necessary:
*When there are more than one infant accompanied by one adult or child. (The ticket for [Children] is necessary starting from the second person).
*In case Infant occupies a seat.

*Arrival of bus may be delayed due to various circumstances such as weather or traffic.
*We will not hold the responsibilities for compensation of any travel expenses that may be incurred to customer due to delay in arrival time.
*Tour may not be available for a particular day. Please see operation schedule above.

Active Provider : JR BUS KANTO


Tour Number
20 JR Sawara course 4-9

Mondays - Fridays: 9:30 - 17:30
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays,
National Holidays and New Year Holidays